A Day at Area 47 AEC

Today was one of learning and experimenting with what works in the situations we are involved with.

We arrived and parked in front of the Churchthelocals have partly built. They hope to have the roof on within 10 days. We met with the local men  and women inside the walls of the unfinished building.

They were most welcoming and the way they greeted us in song was an amazing, moving experience.

Dusty, uneven dirt surface, no tables, forms for sitting on for the visitors. The local ladies sat on matting made from sown together cement sacks. After personal introductions, testimonies and teaching was shared. Children appeared and watched wide-eyed. It was not easy doing craft work but we managed and tomorrow we will manage it better!

The men of our team met with about 10 local men and shared teaching and testamonies.

During this time some local ladies were making our lunch of nsima, greens and beans.

It has been an emotional day seeing these warm hearted folk living in very poor conditions and how together we worship the same God.

Jet lag is still proving trying and it seems the cold bugs are spreading through the team.

Sitting round eating take away pizza for dinner as Jim and Diane are out for dinner.

Tomorrow we are doing much the same in another Church.




2 thoughts on “A Day at Area 47 AEC

  1. Sounds like you are fully experiencing the culture. Thanks for taking the time to write, it helps us feel part of it all.


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