Update Sunday 17 June

From Saturday morning

We were privileged to attend the STUM farewell for Diane and Jim. It was a moving experience and we enjoyed seeing the great appreciation of local Christian people have to Jim and Diane. There were songs, speeches, teaching and prayers. The presentation of gifts was followed by their colleagues encircling them and praying for them all at once.      Three hours passed easily.                                                                    Lunch of chicken, rice, salad followed. The salad was tasted only lightly.

Later in the day we helped Lifton the Leader of the Kawale AEC Youth Group. Their focus is music with a little Bible teaching but they are hoping to change that. This bunch of senior citizens(apart from Andre) demonstrated various games and took part with enthusiasm. The kids participated well and we were glad no-one was injured as they were a boisterous bunch. Elaine gave a short teaching based round the sunflower.

Today we joined the Kabadula AEC church for worship. Singing, teaching, prayers, encouragement. We are learning to contribute when asked. We can be put on the spot! Nobody has shirked their responsibilities. Thank you for your prayers. Your support is so appreciated. The rustic church held 30 children and about 90 adults. The  children sat quietly for the three hours duration. AfterPam shared about the Good Samaritan, some people acted it  out and 5en 5en they sat and coloured in relevant pictures. The adults truly enjoyed that.

We were treated to lunch of nsima, greens and beef. Ice cream stop on the way home and back to base to get ready for early departure in the morning for our safari in Zambia. We are not sure what internet wireless availability will  be like so you may not hear from us until we return on Thursday.

We are all well. Even though not doing much we seem tired by the end of the day.